This room is the first part in the Linux Fundamental rooms designed to teach you about various Linux concepts, and in-built tools. This room covers the following topics:

  • Introduction To Linux
  • Executing Commands and Man Pages
  • Basic File Operators

To access the room you can click here:

Task 1 - Intro

No answer needed.

Task 2 - Methodology

No answer needed.

Task 3 - [Section 2: Running Commands] - Basic Command Execution

No answer needed.

Task 4 - [Section 2: Running Commands] - Manual Pages and Flags

  1. How would you output hello without a newline

    ANSWER: echo -n hello

Task 5 - [Section 3: Basic File Operations] - ls

  1. What flag outputs all entries

    ANSWER: -a

  2. What flag outputs things in a “long list” format

    ANSWER: -l

Task 6 - [Section 3: Basic File Operations] - cat

  1. What flag numbers all output lines?

    ANSWER: -n

Task 7 - [Section 3: Basic File Operations] - touch

No answer needed.

Task 8 - [Section 3: Basic File Operations] - Running A Binary

  1. How would you run a binary called hello using the directory shortcut . ?

    ANSWER: ./hello

  2. How would you run a binary called hello in your home directory using the shortcut ~ ?

    ANSWER: ~/hello

  3. How would you run a binary called hello in the previous directory using the shortcut .. ?

    ANSWER: ../hello

Task 9 - Binary - Shiba1

You have to create a file called noot.txt. To do this execute the touch command. After creating a file, execute the binary called shiba1.

Shiba1 Password

  1. What’s the password for shiba2?

    ANSWER: pinguftw

Task 10 - su

  1. How do you specify which shell is used when you login?

    ANSWER: -s

Task 11 - Linux Fundamentals 2

No answer needed.