Recently I watched Ex Machina (2015) and a scene made me curious.

During a scene that Caleb is hacking into Nathan’s computer, you can see him typing a code, clearly in Python if you know the language. I decided to rewrite this code and run it to see the output.

You can check the code below or download it from my GitHub:

Ex machina easter egg code output

Just looking at the code it says nothing, but if you run it using Python 2 you will get the following output:

Ex machina easter egg code

If you type this code on Google you’ll find that it is a book code to the Embodiment and the Inner life: Cognition and Consciousness in the Space of Possible Minds by Murray Shanahan.

Ex machina easter egg book cover

This book is a multi-discipline discussion about how to understand the mind and its place in Nature. The book author Murray Shanahan was one of the scientific advisors on Ex Machina.

What do you think about it?