This room covers the basics and some tools used to perform Malware Analysis.

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Task 1 - What is the Purpose of Malware Analysis?

No answer needed.

Task 2 - Understanding Malware Campaigns

  1. What is the famous example of a targeted attack-esque Malware that targeted Iran?

    Answer: Stuxnet

  2. What is the name of the Ransomware that used the Eternalblue exploit in a “Mass Campaign” attack?

    Answer: Wannacry

Task 3 - Identifying if a Malware Attack has Happened

  1. Name the first essential step of a Malware Attack?

    Answer: Delivery

  2. Now name the second essential step of a Malware Attack?


  3. What type of signature is used to classify remnants of infection on a host?

    **Answer:**Host-Based Signatures

  4. What is the name of the other classification of signature used after a Malware attack?

    Answer: Network-Based Signatures

Task 4 - Static Vs. Dynamic Analysis

No answer needed.

Task 5 - Discussion of Provided Tools & Their Uses

No answer needed.

Task 6 - Connecting to the Windows Analysis Environment (Deploy)

No answer needed.

Task 7 - Obtaining MD5 Checksums of Provided Files

  1. The MD5 Checksum of aws.exe

    Answer: D2778164EF643BA8F44CC202EC7EF157

  2. The MD5 Checksum of Netlogo.exe

    Answer: 59CB421172A89E1E16C11A428326952C

  3. The MD5 Checksum of vlc.exe

    Answer: 5416BE1B8B04B1681CB39CF0E2CAAD9F

Task 8 - Now lets see if the MD5 Checksums have been analysed before

  1. Does Virustotal report this MD5 Checksum / file aws.exe as malicious? (Yay/Nay)

    Answer: Nay

  2. Does Virustotal report this MD5 Checksum / file Netlogo.exe as malicious? (Yay/Nay)

    Answer: Nay

  3. Does Virustotal report this MD5 Checksum / file vlc.exe as malicious? (Yay/Nay)

    Answer: Nay

Task 9 - Identifying if the Executables are obfuscated / packed

  1. What does PeID propose 1DE9176AD682FF.dll being packed with?

    Answer: Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 DLL

  2. What does PeID propose AD29AA1B.bin being packed with?

    Answer: Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0

Task 10 - What is Obfuscation / Packing?

  1. What packer does PeID report file “6F431F46547DB2628” to be packed with?

    Answer: FSG 1.0 -> dulek/xt

Task 11 - Visualising the Differences Between Packed & Non-Packed Code

No answer needed.

Task 12 - Introduction to Strings

  1. What is the URL that is outputted after using “strings”


  2. How many unique “Imports” are there?

    Answer: 5

Task 13 - Introduction to Imports

  1. How many references are there to the library “msi” in the “Imports” tab of IDA Freeware for “install.exe”

    Answer: 9

Task 14 - Practical Summary

  1. What is the MD5 Checksum of the file?

    Answer: f5bd8e6dc6782ed4dfa62b8215bdc429

  2. Does Virustotal report this file as malicious? (Yay/Nay)

    Answer: Yay

  3. Output the strings using Sysinternals “strings” tool.

    What is the last string outputted?

    Answer: d:h:

  4. What is the output of PeID when trying to detect what packer is used by the file?

    Answer: Nothing Found