Neste post irei ajudar aqueles que pretendem fazer o Room Introduction to DevSecOps do TryHackMe. Eu vou colocar as respostas no texto. Encorajo fortemente a você tentar resolver os exercícios e só em caso de ficar muito preso em algo, conferir a resposta. Vamos as Taks.

 Task 2 - DevOps: A New Hope

As respostas para essa task estão no texto.

What methodology relies on self-organising teams that focus on constructive collaboration?

R: agile

What methodology relies on automation and integration to drive cultural change and unite teams?

R: devops

What traditional approach to project management led to mistrust and poor communication between development teams?


What does DevOps emphasize?

R:building trust

Task 3 - The Infinite Loop

Análogo a task 2, as respostas estão no texto.

What helps in adding tests in an automated manner and deals with the frequent merging of small code changes?


What process focuses on collecting data to analyse the performance and stability of services?

R: Monitoring

What is a way to provision infrastructure through reusable and consistent pieces of code?

R: IaC

Task 4 - Shifting Left

Respostas podem ser encontradas no texto.

What term is it used to describe accounting for security from the earliest stages in a development lifecycle?

R: Shift Left

What is the development approach where security is introduced from the early stages of a development lifecycle until the final stages?

R: DevSecOps

Task 5 - DevSecOps: Security Strikes Back

What DevSecOps challenge can lead to a siloed culture?

R: Security Silos

What DevSecOps challenge can affect not prioritizing the right risks at the right times?

R: Lack of Visibility

What DevSecOps challenge stems from needlessly overcomplicated security processes?

R: Stringent Processes

Task 6 - DevSecOps Culture

How can you make security scalable so it’s not left behind when start ups face hypergrowth or in large corporations?

R: Promote Autonomy of Teams

How can you support teams in understanding risk and educating on security flaws?

R: Visibility and Transparency

What are key factors to successfully instill security in the development process by accounting for flexibility?

R: Understanding and Empathy

Task 7 - Exercise: Fuel Trouble

Só ler as tirinhas e completar que a flag é dada ao final.

What Software Development Model did the team in Comic 1 follow?

R: Waterfall

What Software Development Model did the team in Comic 2 follow?

R: Agile

What Software Development Model did the team in Comic 3 follow?

R: DevOps

What is the flag?