Gabarito do segundo room da trilha de DevSecOps do TryHackme.

O room é bem simples, seguindo o mesmo padrão do primeiro, as respostas se encontram basicamente no texto. Conforme necessário vou adicionando meus comentários.

Task 2 - SDLC

How many phases can an SDLC have? (Format X-Y)

R: 6-8

Task 3 - SDLC Phases Part 1

What phase focuses on determining the first idea for a prototype?

R: Requirements Definition

What stage is also known as the “Feasibility Stage”?

R: Planning Stage

When do you outline the user interfaces and network requirements?

R: Design and Prototyping

Task 4 - SDLC Phases Part 2

What phase focuses on handling issues or bugs reported by end-users?

R: Operations and Maintenance

What phase involves releasing new versions of software?

R: Deployment

What phase ensures software meets the standards defined in the requirements phase?

R: Testing

Task 5 - Keep CALMS

What does CALMS stand for?

R:  Culture, Automation, Lean, Measurement, Sharing

Task 6 - DevOps Metrics

Eu atingi o resultado com 3 devs e 15 sprints. Mas existem outras possibilidades para atingir o mesmo resultado. Sugiro que brinque com os valoes.

What is the flag that you receive once you have doubled the empire’s investment?

R: THM{Ruler.of.the.SDLC.Droids}