I know you want ACTION, but calm yourself, you’ll thank me later. I will give you several reasons in this post as to why your first step in studying to be a cybersecurity professional should be learning Linux. I started years ago by trying to hack some stuff before having ANY knowledge in Operational Systems in general and of course I failed miserably. This first experience was so frustrating that I gave up becoming a hacker and only went back to study about it again a couple of years later.

  1. You’ll have a hard time learning how to hack things outside of a Linux environment

    • Almost 90% of all hacking tools are written to run in Linux, so some basic Linux skills are a prerequisite to becoming a professional hacker.
  2. High Security

    • Linux is the most secure OS out there and you should know and understand the reason for this.
  3. Linux is Transparent

    • You have a spotlight shining directly on each and every component of the operating system. This makes working with Linux more effective.
  4. It is Free

    • If you get used to Linux you might move your current OS to Linux and never spend a penny on software.
    • Additional tip: If you’re struggling to find an alternative to some software you can check AlternativeTo. This web site is amazing and you’ll never suffer again trying to find an alternate software.
  5. Runs in Any Hardware

    • Linux is known for running in almost every hardware and for “saving” extremely old PC’s. With such a large variety of distributions you’ll for sure find some to fulfill your needs.
  6. Open Source

    • Open source software is a well known subject. I think everyone should choose open source software just because of the philosophy. But even if you don’t care about philosophy, it is still worth it because most of the time it is free and eventually helps the community grow and evolve.
    • If you care about philosophy and open source I recommend you to read GNU website. Don’t take everything written here to heart as it is a radical text, but it does have a lot of useful information and reflections about how we make and deal with software these days.
  7. Community and Help

    • As I said before, Linux is 100% free and open. By using Linux you’ll be helping the community and project to grow and become even more popular.
  8. Once you know what you’re doing, you’ll have a toolbox like Kali or Parrot OS that is ready to use with all the tools you’ll probably need.

  9. It’s the most popular server OS on the Internet

    • Linux/Unix has been the operating system of choice for web servers due to its stability, reliability, and robustness. Even today, Linux/Unix is used in two-thirds of web servers and dominates the market. Embedded systems in routers, switches, and other devices almost always use a Linux kernel, and the world of virtualization is dominated by Linux.
  10. The Linux Terminal Where You’ll Live

    • Almost every hacking tool that is used in Cyber Security right now runs in the command line. It is just more practical and agile, once you get used and lose your fear of the command line a magical world will open for you.
  11. Fun

    • Using Linux is just super fun. You’ll probably break a lot of things, but fixing them is part of the process and ends up being where you’ll learn the most.

If you’re dependent on a specific OS now PLEASE don’t change it and completely ruin your workflow. Start by testing a distribution in a Virtual Machine, or if you are more experienced in IT you can make a Dual Boot. Once you’re comfortable with the OS and won’t disturb your personal life or job you can change to Linux as I did. Beware that you’re using a DIFFERENT OS. Learn how to use it first and don’t try to emulate your current workflow to the new OS. Learn how to do things in a different way by leaving your comfort zone, it’ll be the most valuable thing for your career. Once you dive deep in this world, you eventually hit a point of no return. You’ll remember me when you write in Forums encouraging people to start using Linux.